Welcome to FEBEST Trading Dubai!

FEBEST GmbH was founded in 2008 in Frankfurt am Maine, Germany.

FEBEST became one of the leaders in the independent aftermarket of rubber-to-metal parts for Asian passenger cars. Parts for European and American cars are also available in a decent assortment. FEBEST parts are known for oftentimes being the only alternative to the budget unfriendly OE equivalents.

The vast majority of FEBEST parts are the components of unitized assemblies sold separately, and repair kits. This way the worn part can be replaced by a FEBEST component without changing the whole unit which keeps a car maintenance more efficient. Such repair is cost effective, time saving and altogether satisfying for a car owner.

FEBEST uses the innovative OEM based approach to product development. The analytical department reveals weak spots in new cars in the shortest time, which allows the company to react promptly to the market needs and produce the spare parts that will be in demand.

To enhance OEM parts FEBEST uses unique technical solutions. FEBEST patented technology - reliable threaded coupling in floating bushing production - enhances functional efficiency and part longevity.

  • Warranty and refund policies
  • Qualified technical support
  • Quarterly assortment expansion
  • Biggest stock for suspension parts for passenger cars in UAE
  • Online ordering system
  • Free two-time delivery in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah
  • Worldwide shipping
  • ISO 9001 certified

Since summer 2015, all FEBEST products have been represented in the European spare parts catalog TecDoc.