Welcome to FEBEST Trading Dubai!

"FEBEST" company determined its marketing line of development as the manufacture of OEM compatible aftermarket parts for Japanese, Korean, European and American cars. The company slogan is "German efficiency for Japanese cars". This means that every assembly of the car should have its own repair kit!

We manufacture a wide range of suspension parts, bearings, braking system parts, clutch systems, numerous types of CV joints (inner and outer), rubber parts, universal joints and others.

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The quality of our goods is proven by multiple factory tests and after-sales operations in rough road conditions in Africa and Asia. All bushes, insulators and other rubber parts are based only on natural rubber using additives, which allows their use under a wide range of temperatures and gives them a high wear resistance. Hydraulic silent-blocks and mounts are filled with synthetic oils that contain additives allowing their operation under different climatic conditions.

The production process is continually optimized and the technological process is under strict control on all stages of manufacturing.